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Marco's Mistake - Part 2 of 2
2 minutes later, Tom comes back to the room with Star. Star was looking down on the ground, and appeared to have a nasty frown, though the trio didn’t notice. Her eyes weren’t seen, as she was looking down. Marco, Ferguson and StarFan13 breathed a sigh of relief as Marco got closer.
“Star! I’m so happy you’re alright!” said Marco. Star stayed still. Ferguson and StarFan13 noticed this, and knew this wasn’t like her. She wasn’t this quiet.
“Now we can go back home where…” before Marco could finish, Star quickly and brutally punched him in the cheek. Ferguson and StarFan13 gasp as Marco falls down to the ground. He then gets up from the ground.
“S-Star? Why did you do that to me? You’re my best friend!” said Marco, in shock.
“YOU’RE NOT MY BEST FRIEND, MARCO!” yelled Star, finally looking at him. Marco didn’t know she was hypnotized yet, so he took that sentence a different way.
:iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 15 2
Marco's Mistake - Part 1 of 2
It was Monday in Star’s neighborhood. The start of another week of school.
It was 6:30 in the morning, and Star woke up from bed. She quickly got up, took a shower, and got ready for school. Later on, at 7:00, Marco woke up, and did the same things as Star did. But when he was getting ready to leave the door, he noticed Star with a concerned look.
“What’s the matter, Star?” asked Marco.
“Well…remember a while back when Tom asked me to go to the Blood Moon Ball?”
“When that Blood Moon Ball came, you came in and angered Tom, and I had to freeze him.”
“I’m starting to think that…he might be coming for you for revenge. I mean, you accidentally stole the dance from him. Or…what if he’s coming…for me?”
“I-I’m sure Tom could understand. Remember, he has been anger-free for 53 days back then.”
“Yeah. I’m probably just
:iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 12 2
"Marco!Wake Up!"The beautiful blond tried to wake up her best friend. Marco groaned and covered his face with his pillow."Star, it's Saturday"he whined."But I need to show you something!"She grabbed Marco's wrist and dragged him to her room.Star let go and Marco fell on his face."Oops sorry Marco"She said as she helped him up."It's okay.What did you wanna show me?" he asked."Ok so you know how a week ago you showed me the internet and I was using my... laptop, I think that's what it's called, just now and BOOM something pops up saying something about stories and I clicked it and I FOUND THIS!"she said breathlessly and gave Marco her laptop. Marco raised an eyebrow."Starco fanfiction?What the hell is Starco?"he said confusedly."Well,I thought the exact same thing but then I clicked on it and I read it I'm kind of regretting showing this to you"she said shyly.Marco ignored her words and started reading part of the fanfiction outloud.
Star wraps her arms around Marco's neck."I l
:iconemily0354:Emily0354 9 2
Mature content
Its Only Awkward If We Make It -Part 1- :iconrockmanspecial:RockmanSpecial 15 6
Mature content
A Plateful of Passion :iconrockmanspecial:RockmanSpecial 11 0
Star Gets Jealous pt.2
When Marco finally got to the park, he was so lost in thought that he almost walked right passed Jackie. He knew had to keep his head together, but why was it so difficult?
By 8:30, the sun had gone down and they both finished their picnic dinner. Well, Jackie did. Marco just sort of nitpicked. His thoughts were just too distracting, and Jackie noticed.
"Uh, Marco? You don't seem like you're all here," she said. "We can reschedule another time if you want—"
"No! No, I'm having fun! Aren't you?"
"Uhm, well.... I'm gonna go by a soda," Jackie got up and started making her way to the concessions stand without even asking if he wanted anything. Rude.  
"Oh, kay.." Marco rubbed his eyes. What is your problem? he thought.
At that moment, Star appeared out of nowhere hanging upside down from a tree branch. "Marco, there's something I need to tell you."
"Wha—Star!?" Marco nearly jumped out of his skin. "What are you doing—?"
"I need to tell you somethin
:iconalonewolfforever:alonewolfforever 16 3
Star Gets Jealous pt.1
Tonight was the night. The big night. Marco had finally asked Jackie out on a date, and she said yes! (Well, actually she asked Marco out...but that's besides the point.) Star was excited, as usual.
"OH MY GOSH MARCO!!!" She hugged him. "You finally asked Jackie out!! How did it happen?!"
Marco wiggled out of her bear hug. "Haha, cut it out," he couldn't suppress a smile. "It's not technically a date. We're just going to have a picnic at the park."
"How cuuuuuuuute!" Star sang.
"Stop it," Marco blushed and looked at his watch. "Oh, I better get ready."
"Ok!" Star skipped out of his bedroom and into hers.
She stopped abruptly. A weird feeling washed over her—what was this feeling?—it was... Bitter.  Nagging. Almost vexing. It was something very different and she'd never felt it before, but it scared her.
Suddenly, her magic book of spells flew open, and (whoopdeedoo) Glossaryk hovered just above it in his normal Hindu-ish posture. "Hellllloooo, Star—"
:iconalonewolfforever:alonewolfforever 17 3
The Puppy Case - Starco
The Puppy Case:
Star's P.O.V:
I open the window to see Marco getting attacked by the puppies. I smile and I grab my hair brush. "I wonder why the dogs love him." I say to myself out loud. I put my brush down and I run to my closet. "What to wear, what to wear." I take out a dress with pink stripes. "Perfect!" I say and I put my dress on. I run downstairs and I run out the door. "Marco!" I yell running towards him. He looks up and said "What, Star?" he was laughing. "Why you getting attacked by the puppies?" I said. He frowns and says "There playing not attacking.." I smirk, "Sure..." He tries to stand but one of the puppies pushes him down. I laugh and he pushes some puppies off him. I help him up and we walk into the house.
"Marco, ¿Usted y la estrella quiere panqueques (Marco, Do you and Star want pancakes)?" Marco's Mom said from in the kitchen. "Sí, mamá.(Yea,mom)" Marco said. I smile, I love when Marco speaks Spanish. We get the pancakes and we sit down. The puppies
:iconfandomweek1:FandomWeek1 11 1
Star Butterfly...You Fell In Love Part 3
Star was again in her palace, her parents were surprises to see her there, she enjoyed earth to much to leave, she wasn't the same as she was happy and hyper as always, she was more now like her mother, eventually she had no idea about what has been going with Marco, 2 years had passed and there was no signal of Marco Diaz, By that time Star was 16 years old also like Marco, but there was no signal about him, which her miss him even more, but thats how thing were going with Star.
For Marco everything was different without Star, he was still dating Jackie, but he spender all the time thinking about Star, mostly about when she confessed her feelings to him, he just didn't knew what to do, he loved Star enough to let her go but it was all so sudden when Star tell him she was in love with him, she was her best friend, and without her things were not the same, he missed having fun, sure he was with Jackie but he didn't feel the same things that he did with Star, he missed her so much, so sh
:icondanny-the-rabbit-htf:Danny-The-Rabbit-htf 20 33
Star Butterfly...You Fell In Love Part 2
Marco was still dating Jackie he was more happy than ever, his dream came true, they were always walking to school or going to home, as he used to do with Star, bur now that he was with his girlfriend he barely notice Star, which make Star sad about it. Star was in school but she was alone, she used to spend time with Marco all the time but now he had a girlfriend and he barely notice her.
Star was getting her things from her locker watching Marco with Jackie holding hands together, as she started wondering ¨Why do i have to fall in love with him?¨ as she sighed she closed her locker and went to class. Suddenly Marco came up to Star, and as she saw him she started smiling.
Marco: Star you are here! Hey i was wondering one thing!
Star: Marco….what is it ? she said smiling at him
Marco: Well…she took her hands and saw her in the eyes, Do you think you can take Jackie and me to the movies?
Star: ……Sometimes i wonder why am i your friend… she said an
:icondanny-the-rabbit-htf:Danny-The-Rabbit-htf 23 69
Change: Chapter 1
    Marco laid on his bed unable to sleep, it was 2 am on Saturday Star had snuck out with her friends... again, Marco stared at his ceiling in the dark he was waiting for a familiar sound.
Sure enough, like clock work, Star had just crawled through the living room window the sound didn't wake his parents they are extremely heavy sleepers. Marco sighed, normally he just let her go to her room but this was different she was making a lot of noises as if she was stumbling.
Marco sat up in worry 'What the hell?' he thought as he approached the living room and saw Star on her back in a daze. "Star what are you-" Marco stopped as he approached Star, she REEKED of alcohol, "Star are you drunk!?" Marco whisper screamed, why he bothered to keep his voice quiet was beyond him an earthquake could erupt right now and his parents would sleep right through it. "Heeeeey... Marco *hic*" She was hammered. "I was just.
:icondominustenebris:DominusTenebris 30 6
What Will Happen Next? (Starco QuickFic)
Breathe in, breathe out. Star wore her favorite outfit, her favorite shoes, her favorite hair accessories and her favorite hair style to calm her nerves, but it wasn’t helping. The closer she inched to Oskar, the more nervous she became. But it wasn’t Oskar that made her nervous, no… It was Marco. For weeks he had been giddy, and Star knew why. Since the clown resurrection, Marco had been glowing with happiness. He’d go to school every day smelling better than ever, with his hair neatly combed and his teeth intricately brushed. He made sure to be the perfect boyfriend for his long-term crush (and now former girlfriend, apparently,) Jackie Lynn Thomas.
It made Star sick. She felt overdosed on the fumes of cologne. She was blinded by Marco’s white teeth. His hair would look just right every day. Such perfection annoyed her, because it’s not her thing. Although, Star knew damn well that that wasn’t why she felt sick.
Now she’s here, next to
:iconcharvilla:CharVilla 10 2
Star Butterfly...You Fell In Love Part 1
Another day in planet earth as always there were Star and Marco with the diaz family, but today was a special day for Marco, it was ¨Valentines Day¨ and marco had finally taken the decision of confessing to the beautiful Jackie Lynn Thomas, he was finally going to tell her everything this day but he didn't tell star that he was going to confess to Jackie, he loved that Star helped him in his love relationships, but this, this was a thing that Marco wanted to do on his own, so he decided to act cool about the situation, he was in his room thinking what to say to Jackie when star head over to Marco room.
Star: Marco! here you are! hey you have any plans for Valentines Day? she said sounding flirty but funny ant the same time
Marco: Plans? Nah…i dont think so…, but you got any plans with Oscar maybe? he said mocking her
Star:  Oh…but what about Jackie?? Its Valentines Day…
Marco: I think ill wait….he said lying to star, after all ….we are
:icondanny-the-rabbit-htf:Danny-The-Rabbit-htf 32 15
Starco part 1
Marco and Star was walking home one day from school and Marco notice that star has been really quiet which was really unusual for her.
Hesitantly he asked "Star are you alright." Star looked up at Marco and said "oh I'm fine why you ask." "it's just you've been really quiet is something bothering you" asked Marco. "I really don't want to talk about it I'll tell you later OK" said Star softly. "OK" said Marco confused.
When they got home Star went to the couch sat down and sighed. Another thing unusual about her. Usually she'll go in her room and start doing things she needed to do for school. Marco went to the couch to and asked "Star are you sure your OK don't you have any work for school you need to do." Star looked at Marco and shook her head really slowly. "You want me to make some nachos" asked Marco. "I'm not really hungry right now" said Star glumly. "Alright I just want to make sure your alright." Said Marco blushing. "I'm fine Marco you don't need to worry about me OK" said St
:iconcitation2000:Citation2000 10 0
Mature content
Starco-bust Ch. 3 Just let it out and The Return! :iconzaidan:Zaidan 14 9
Mature content
Starco-bust Ch. 2 The Curse of Tom's Pie :iconzaidan:Zaidan 11 7


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